Packing for Puerto Vallarta

It’s officially almost Puerto Vallarta vacation time for me which means I’m a bit of a stress case over here.  I absolutely hate packing because I always have that fear of forgetting something, but my Stitch Fix stylist provided some major help and made packing for Puerto Vallarta so easier for me.   Outfit Cards […]

May Flowers + June Plans

Can you believe it’s already June?  I’m a little in shock over here because this means I only have 11 more days to shop and pack for my Puerto Vallarta vacation.  [insert freak out emoji face] I feel like I got a lot accomplished in May in the way of work, though.  My photographer and […]

My Secret Garden Photoshoot (a behind-the-scenes look)

Happy Saturday! Part of my blogging process is getting the right photos of the outfits or products I’m featuring, and that takes a weekly photoshoot with my amazing photographer, Kimberly Sha (view her website here).  During our most recent photoshoot to capture some of my Stitch Fix outfits, my husband (@aaroncasados) captured some video footage […]