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Archives for June 2017

My First Time in NYC | Kia, NYIAS & Exploring

New York City has always been on my travel bucket list.  A few months ago, Kia graciously invited me to join them for the launch of the new 2018 Rio and Niro cars at the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS).  I had an absolutely blast and enjoyed the car show more than I ever thought I would.  The Kia area of NYIAS was loaded with hot cars including the brand new Kia Stinger, which I had a ... Read the Post

Road Trip: Torrance, CA with Kids

Southern California is a mecca for family-friendly fun, but it's rare to find somewhere to enjoy yourself without crowds of people.  Last weekend, my mom and I, along with my two little girls, did a #GirlsTrip down to the town of Torrance, CA to see what this beach town was all about.  I had always heard of Torrance, but never knew how beautiful the beach was or how many dining options and ... Read the Post

Kenra Grip Collection Review + Beachy Waves

I recently cut my hair to a much shorter length than I typically wear, which kind of forces me to actually do my hair everyday, rather than wear it in a messy bun.  But the constant styling and product layering gets to be a bit much, which is why I am loving the new Kenra Grip Collection.  These lightweight styling products help me achieve the "beachy" waves I'm after, without building up or ... Read the Post

Northern California Staycation at Rosewood CordeValle

For Northern California couples looking for the ultimate staycation, Rosewood CordeValle located in San Martin, California, is the spot to escape.  As you wind through the hills, you drive up on this beautiful hidden gem of a resort located within the Santa Cruz mountains, overlooking a 260-acre championship golf course, which hosted the 2016 U.S. Women's Open. Rosewood CordeValle is a luxury ... Read the Post