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Kendall’s Ballerina Bedroom

Ballerina Bedroom Ideas

Now that my little Kendall is just about 4, I figured it was time to update her bedroom.  I am constantly changing my home decor and furniture, as you might remember from my playroom post, but wanted a bedroom design that would work for a few years.  We partnered with Photos.com who provided a beautiful canvas print for this ballerina bedroom design, and I actually used this print to set the tone for the entire room, rather than matching a print to the existing room design.

Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom IdeasBallerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas

Choosing a Theme

I had trouble choosing a theme for this room because I have more of an eclectic personal style.  Since this room is my daughter’s and not mine, I wanted to make sure I incorporated something she loves.  She loves ballet, so that was the obvious first choice for a room theme.  I went with a subtle ballet bedroom theme because I’m just not a big fan of an entire room being decked out in all things themed.  I focused on the Degas replica canvas print from Photos.com and just played off of the colors in the print.

Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom IdeasBallerina Bedroom Ideas

Getting Rid of the Clutter

Part of Kendall’s big girl room project was getting rid of the clutter.  Both of my girls just have so many toys, clothes, and games, so the first thing I did was go through everything and bag up the things they don’t play with or wear.  I plan to either sell things at our upcoming yard sale or donate to the fire victims here in California.

As far as the toys that Kendall does play with, I found a trunk organizer type of unit which is basically collapsible bins that velcro together.  I put those on the top shelf of her closet and placed Barbies in one bin, Wellie Wishers in another, Legos in another, and so on.  When she asks for a specific bin of toys to play with, I pull that bin down for her.  Before she gets to pull out more toys, everything has to be cleaned up and put away.  Yes, I am totally a mean mom! ha!

Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas Ballerina Bedroom Ideas

Shop This Room

This entire bedroom update was super low cost, with the twin bed + the trundle only being around $179 total.  The comforter, throw blanket and dream catcher are all from TJ Maxx (direct links below).  I found the basket below the print at a local antique salvage store.  It was originally a rusted metal color, but I sprayed it with one coat of white spray paint to give it an antiqued white finish.

Ballerina Bedroom IdeasBallerina Bedroom Ideas

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