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I am fortunate enough to get to try lots of different beauty products from so many great brands.  Some are hits and some are misses, which is to be expected.  To be fair, I give all my the beauty products at least a two week trial period to begin forming an opinion about them.  I have noticed that my skin tends to break out a bit in the first two weeks, and once that’s done, I can tell if I’m liking a product or not.

I recently tried a few skincare products from MyChelle and only ended up liking the hyaluronic eye gel.  I also recently tried and used up some skincare products from No B.S. and those have remained my favorites.  The rest of the beauty products on the list are for my everyday look which I call “sunkissed.”

For my bronzer: I use a combination of two bronze colors from a round Urban Decay Elements eyeshadow palette that is sold out everywhere.  I apply it to the creases in my cheekbones, and in the 3 shape that frames my face.

For my eyeshadow: For the base, I use Weekender and Breakaway; for my everyday color I use Riff and Double Life from the BORN TO RUN Palette by Urban Decay.  When I’m really in a hurry, I just use my foundation as a base and hit my lids with my bronzer/eyeshadow (see above).

For my brows: I use the Taupe brow powder from Billion Dollar Brows with their brow brush.  A little goes a long way with this powder and this product lasts for-ev-er.

Lash Primer or not?  I go back and forth with this.  I do use the Lancolm Cils Booster when I do use a primer, but most days I just stick to a couple of layers of Brown/Black mascara.  If you aren’t sure you want to commit to a full tube of primer, you can find samples for cheap on Amazon HERE.

A product I absolute swear by is the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray.  It sort of just completes my makeup and almost blends everything better than I can.  It’s hard to explain unless you try it, but it’s a must!  (Tip: try the mini size first).


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You can see in the photo above how I do my neutral makeup look.  I like to look very bronze and natural-ish.  Sort of a sun-kissed look, even if there is no sun.

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