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Bohemian Tea Party

Bohemian Tea Party

Last week my girls and I enjoyed a cute little bohemian tea party inspired by Tea Forte’s new Hamani green tea collection.  We enjoyed tea, macarons, and little amaretti cookies together as we chatted about life, what we love about tea parties, and how our days went.  It was an evening well spent and is something my girls and I will remember for many years to come.

Bohemian Tea Party Tea Forte Hanami Tea Tea Forte Hanami Tea Bohemian Tea Party Bohemian Tea Party

Bohemian Tea Party Details

As detailed as these photos look, putting together this bohemian tea party was fairly easy.  You’ll need a low table, succulents and/cactus plants, assorted greens and flowers and more.  See my full list of sources below.

Floor Pillows: I purchased two adorable floor pillows from Target’s new Opalhouse line.  The round darker pink velvet pillow (here) was only $29.99, and the Macrame Cream Oversized pillow (here) was only $34.99.

19″ Tall Table: I found a folding banquet table (here) at Target for only $34.99.  The legs go from 19″ tall all they way to 29″ tall, so it was perfect for a bohemian tea party on the floor.

Table Decor: I used some old lace curtains that I already owned for the tablecloth, but Target does have something similar (here).  I actually borrowed the succulents from my neighbor/photographer, but you can easily purchase them at your local nursery or Home Depot.  I also purchased a box of faux flowers and greenery from T.J. Maxx, but you can also find dried flowers on Etsy (similar).  I also found the gold disposable silverware at T.J. Maxx for $3.99/6 place settings.

Wall Decor: I found the pink dream catcher and the macrame tapestry at T.J. Maxx.

Bohemian Tea Party Bohemian Tea Party Bohemian Tea Party Bohemian Tea Party Bohemian Tea Party Bohemian Tea Party Tea Forte Hanami Tea

*In collaboration with Tea Forte.

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