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Hooray for the first week back to school!  I know some of you mommas have to wait a few more weeks before your kiddos start school, but we just started this Wednesday and it’s been a glorious, but crazy, week!

Personal Creations wooden tray

A lot has been going on around here, blog wise, and I’ve been playing a little bit of catch-up after Mexico and Arizona.  We also got to get away as a family to a cabin over the weekend where we were actually evacuated from because of these crazy California fires.

This week’s schedule went a little like this:

Monday: Shopped for school supplies, supplies for the new dance season, and ran some other errands.

Tuesday: First day of dance for Kendall (tap/ballet), conference call with a brand

Wednesday: First day of 2nd grade for Charlotte, first day of preschool for Kendall

Thursday: School for Charlotte, first day of ballet for Charlotte, workout with the neighbor, first day of adult hip-hop for me

Today: School for both girls, another lunchtime workout with my neighbor, ice cream with the neighbors to celebrate first week of school survival, soccer practice for Kendall, shopping for an outfit for the hubby for an even tomorrow, dinner at some point, maybe sleep at some point.

I am officially that mom that has overbooked herself and needs a break.  So this morning I took a little bit of time between school drop-offs and working to enjoy some coffee and fruit on my new patio set.

Patio Conversation Set

This patio set came from Cloud Mountain (shop their Amazon page here).  It arrived in three big boxes and I put it together myself over a few evenings.  The assembly was super simple, and I had zero issues with the screws or threads.

Patio Table Decor

I like to keep my patio table decor simple, because things tend to get pretty dusty where I live.  I’m currently using an adorable customized tray from Personal Creations that says Farm to Table, and I added Table to Soul at the bottom.  I also have a cactus in a pot which I’m loving because I don’t have to water it frequently.

Personal Creations wooden tray   Personal Creations wooden tray

You’ll be seeing a lot more of this patio conversation set and tray.  I’m absolutely loving them!

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