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How Do I Find Blog Post Inspiration?

Coffee table vignette, coffee table styling, magazine styling

Blog post inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime.  I find that keeping inspiring “people” around me helps keep me motivated to do great things.  And by people, I mean actual human beings as well as people on TV, magazines, books, etc.


Finding Blog Post Inspiration from Magazines

Coffee table vignette, coffee table styling, magazine styling, blog post inspiration

Chances are, if you come up with a blog post idea, it’s already been done.  But the whole idea is to make it you.  How can you put your own spin on a concept and make it unique to you and your life for your audience?

I find SO much blog post inspiration from magazines and store catalogues.  I don’t feel like I’m copying the articles, but when reading them or just flipping through magazine images, new ideas begin to pop into my head.

Sometimes I can read an article title and find a way to use that same concept for a completely different topic.  Sometimes I see images that inspire me for my holiday content.  Sometimes I read an article and am inspired to dig a little deeper within myself for an assignment.

Some of my favorite magazines to find inspiration for my content are The Magnolia Journal magazines.  Joanna Gaines is so inspiring to me as a mother, creator, and business owner.  She has grown a small brand (with the help of a team) and has literally changed the way people eat, work, and decorate forever.  Farmhouse will forever be a “thing” because of Jo, and I just find so much inspiration in her story.

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I find that by keeping magazines like The Magnolia Journal within reach at home and at my studio that I’m more likely to be productive and creative.  Sometimes I sit down and write out an entire month’s worth of content ideas, and sometimes I come up with article ideas on the fly.  Magazines inspire me to just WRITE when I’m feeling stuck or to just shoot photos of something when I’m feeling like I have no content.


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