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Foraged Centerpieces

Looking to ‘spruce’ up your holiday centerpiece this year?  Let’s look at some amazing foraged centerpieces that you can easily create yourself.

“The fall and winter holiday season offers the best opportunities to add some foraged elements into your centerpiece designs, no matter where you live – city or suburb,” says Floral & Landscape Design Specialist, Carolyn Witman.

Carolyn Witman is the co-Owner of GATHER, a Frenchtown New Jersey based flower shop that offers community classes in floral design. Some of her tips include:

Take cues from nature

Foraged Centerpieces

When it comes to colors, textures and flower position, arrange pieces as they would look in nature. Roses for example grow in clusters and hang down on their branches. Pro tip: Use muddy and earthier tones in your color palette as a base and they mix in the spontaneous pop of natural color when needed.

Foraged Centerpieces


Foraged Centerpieces Foraged Centerpieces Foraged Centerpieces

We love foraging in the areas around us for textural items such a berry clusters, grass plumes, pinecones, vines, branches and evergreens.  If you think something in your yard will add to your arrangement, go for it!


Be realistic with your space

Foraged Centerpieces

It is easy to get carried away but there is only some much room on your table so be mindful of height, which should not be higher than the length of your forearm.  Factor in your table settings, glasses and any other decorative elements that you wanted to include, such as candles. You can always add more arrangements in the room itself, possibly on another table, foyer or bathroom to carry your flowers, colors and look throughout the entire space.


Be creative with your vessel

Foraged Centerpieces

As long as there is enough room for water and does not give your arrangement too much height, you can use almost anything! So think outside of the vase and get creative with the container. Pro tip: Applying floral foam helps keep stems in place if the vessel is a bit too shallow.

Foraged Centerpieces

Resist predictability

Foraged Centerpieces

Follow your instinct when it comes to flower varieties, colors and decorative elements.  There is no set recipe, step outside the “holiday box”.  This is an opportunity to show off your style and what you love.  If you choose your flowers based on what moves you, you can’t go wrong.

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