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Parisian Countryside Home Decor Inspiration

Let’s take a trip around the world with Balsam Hill!  If you’ve been following our journey, you should have first stopped at French Country Cottage, then gone over to the Peninsula with Almafied.  Next stop: the Parisian countryside where I’m sharing my French country home decor ideas.  Let’s go…

A few months ago, I would’ve never been able to put a label on my style of home decor.  Being a travel blogger, I often find inspiration for my home from the places I’ve visited or the places on my travel bucket list.  Coastal home style has always been a favorite of mine, but I don’t exactly live at the beach, so I try not to overdo it on the coastal decor.  The Parisian countryside has been a huge home decor trend over the last few years, so naturally I took to that (most likely thanks to Pinterest).

So, I found a way to combine my love for the French country decor trends with my infatuation with the coast.  I’ve incorporated blooms inspired by the Parisian countryside like roses with lots of greenery and pastel colors, as well as accents of natural materials and little touches of navy blue and aqua.  When you think about it, it probably doesn’t make much sense, but to me, it feels like home.

Elements of French Country Home Decor

If you browse Pinterest looking for French country decor ideas, you’ll find lots of distressed furniture and antiques, chandeliers, natural textures and colors, lots of bright neutrals, florals, and chic patterns.  Here’s how I have incorporated those into my home:


By adding natural-looking florals to my home, it has completely changed the look and feel.  My home feels more inviting and cheerful and definitely has that french country home feel.

Florals Featured in my Home

Diana Rose Wreath

Small and Large Surrey Potted Rose in Pink and White

White Garden Rose Arrangement

French Country Home Decor Ideas French Country Home Decor Ideas

I use the Scents of the Season fragrance machine from Balsam Hill to help my home really smell like Spring roses.  I simply tuck the machine under an antique cage-like cloche.

French Country Home Decor Ideas   French Country Home Decor Ideas


I love finding fun little accents to add to my home.  For instance, check out my Hello sign, my turquoise bench, French staghead pillow, homemade wine barrel wall hooks, corrugated metal heart (in the mirror’s reflection), and natural roses (wreath and standing plant).

French Country Home Decor Ideas - Entry WayFrench Country WreathFrench Country/Coastal Entryway French Country Home Decor Ideas

Neutrals and Natural Textures

By keeping my walls and furniture neutral, I am able to easily change my accent colors.  I also chose to go with an accent table and  wall shelves that match my kitchen table because I love the bright, natural wood look.

French Country Home Decor Ideas  French Country Home Decor Ideas French Country Home Decor Ideas

What home in the Parisian countryside would be complete without cheese and fruit?  These Laguiole cheese knives add another natural texture to the room.

French Country Home Decor Ideas

To preserve my nice kitchen table and upholstered dining chairs, I have added a metal dining table and chairs for my girls.  This is a place where they can eat and be messy, or color and be creative.  The light pink metal chairs work well with the Parisian accent pillow made by my mom.

Kids Metal Table and Chairs

My bedroom also has french country and coastal accents like my dresser, driftwood found on our travels and lots of neutrals.

French Country Home Decor Ideas

Thanks for taking the time to visit my home and for drawing inspiration from my french country home decor ideas.  I had so much fun on this adventure with you.


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