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How to Remove a Rug Stain

I just recently shared why I love our new Lorena Canals machine washable rug because I had to wash it due to a “pooptastrophy” we had on the rug a few weeks ago.  Well, not long after I washed the rug, my youngest daughter, Kendall, and I were taking a selfie with our Starbucks coffee and cocoa when her drink suddenly spilled on the rug.  Of course it did, right?  So I figured a “how to remove a rug stain” blog post was in order.  #MomLife

I had recently seen a video on Facebook (I think it was by Vogue) where Oprah was sharing how to remove a rug stain.  In her video, she was sharing how to get rid of dog diarrhea from white carpet.  I’m crossing my fingers that I never have to do that.  Her method was absolutely life changing and I have used it on everything from our rug to our dining chairs.  (Scroll down for the step-by-step guide).

How to Remove a Rug Stain

Step 1

Blot the stain if it’s still wet.  Do not rub.

Step 2 – Sparkling Water

Pour sparkling water on the stain to lift it out of the fabric.  Let it stop fizzing, then blot again.

Step 3 – Dish Soap

Using a clean wet rag, use dish soap of any kind and gently scrub the stain.  I happened to have Method dish soap so that’s what I used.  I would suggest using a dish soap that doesn’t contain a dye in case that color transfers to the fabric.

Step 4 – Sparkling Water (again)

After scrubbing the stain with dish soap, pour more sparkling water over the stain to help lift it out again.  Gently dab the stain again.  Repeat if necessary.

Step 5 – Brush Fabric

After you have soaked up all of the excess sparkling water, gently brush the fabric with a dry rag to get it to look like the rest of the fabric.


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