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10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Decor On-Trend This Year

Do you ever notice how quickly trends come and go in the interior design and decor world?  I mean, I am no expert, but even shopping at Target you can see how often the trends change.  Not only can this be exhausting and expensive, but it can feel so unattainable at times to keep your home on trend.

I have a bit of self-diagnosed decor A.D.D. and like to change my decor from month-to-month.  Here are 5 things I like to change to stay on-trend with the latest home decor fads.


Color of the Year

First, we have the color of the year (which is Living Coral this year, btw).   You can incorporate this color into your home decor in a number of ways.  You can use “living coral” in your bathroom, on your bed, or even on your mantle.

Shelf Decor Ideas

Shelf Decor

I have an entire cupboard dedicated to storing shelf decor and I keep an assortment of framed prints under my bed.  When I’m feeling bored with my current decor, I just shop in my cupboard and mix and match things to stay on-trend.  I have two large shelves from Minted that I like to redecorate over and over again.

Pillow Covers - Reading nook.

Invest in Trendy Pillow Covers

I recently found the cutest trendy pillow covers from Woven Nook.  They have an Amazon shop as well as a website, and their pillows come in trendy 4-packs, as well as singles.  For a while, I had a pillow obsessions and ended up with too many pillows and not enough pillow cover options.  I just bought the Atlas pack of pillows from Woven Nook for $34.95 and I can’t wait to see how they look on my couch.

Boho pillow covers

Photo Credit: Woven Nook


I keep a basket full of blankets in my living room and love to add a pop of color to my neutral couch.  Blankets are so cheap and are an easy way to change the look of any chair or couch.  You can even add them to the foot of your bed or layer them on a blanket ladder.

Blanket Ladder

Photo Credit: Pexels


I have a rug obsession and can always find trendy rugs on sale at places like Target, TJ Maxx, and Joss and Main.  If you have a good place to store rugs you aren’t using, you can easily change your rugs as the decor trends change.

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