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Kenra Grip Collection Review + Beachy Waves

I recently cut my hair to a much shorter length than I typically wear, which kind of forces me to actually do my hair everyday, rather than wear it in a messy bun.  But the constant styling and product layering gets to be a bit much, which is why I am loving the new Kenra Grip Collection.  These lightweight styling products help me achieve the “beachy” waves I’m after, without building up or feeling crunchy in my hair.

I was sent the collection of Kenra Grip products to facilitate my review.  As always, my opinions are my own and I only feature products that I like.

Beach Waves

Photo Credit: Jessica Doll from Hejdoll.com


About the Kenra Grip Collection

Partnering with Steph Brinkerhoff (@hairandmakeupbysteph), social media star and professional up-styling educator, the Grip collection was designed to easily recreate the perfectly textured bridal hairstyles she is famous for.  The entire product lines contains:

Air Grip Spray 5 ($17, 5 oz.): Instantly provides 50% more grip to hair. The ultra-lightweight formula allows for superior definition and all over volume, while still providing a flexible hold.

Whip Grip Mousse 9 ($17, 8 oz.): Featuring an airy, whipped formula, Whip Grip Mousse 9 provides three times more volume without leaving hair stiff.

High Grip Spray 20 ($19, 8 oz.): Get 24 hour hold and superior definition with an ultra-lightweight formula.

Kenra Grip Collection


My Thoughts

My favorite product in the Grip lineup is the Grip Spray 5, which is a dry wax, unlike a dry shampoo.  I have always used dry shampoos to give my hair a bit of texture when I do beachy waves, but this spray doesn’t come with that white powdery-look that some dry shampoos give.  It doesn’t feel sticky or waxy in the hair, and can easily be layered with my next favorite, the Grip Spray 20.

The entire line of Grip products smell phenomenal and are even great for second or third day hair.  They really refresh the tresses, and as I mentioned above, they don’t leave your hair feeling crunchy after layering them.

TIP: Use your flat iron instead of a curling iron to get beachy waves.  Follow with Kenra Grip Spray 5 to add texture and separate the curls and finish with the Kenra Grip Spray 20.  Back comb or “tease” your roots for a little lift and to help separate the curls.


About Kenra

Kenra Professional® is a purely professional brand dedicated to understanding and serving today’s stylists. They have a passion for developing best-in-class innovations, delivering superior and reliable results. Kenra Professional strives to elevate the stylists’ artistry and craft.

Three unique brands, Kenra, Kenra Platinum, and Kenra Color, are each driven by the daily needs of stylists. A complete range of high-performance products combined with straightforward and accessible education gives stylists the confidence to address every client’s need.


The Grip line of Kenra products are available for purchase at Ulta stores.



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