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Mid-Century Modern Bedroom with Desert Accents

I’ve been using this app called Hutch for a few months now and I’m having so much fun with it.  I actually really enjoy playing with the design tools from their daily emails.  Today’s design project was a traditional bedroom which I turned into a mid-century modern bedroom with some desert accents.  I added cacti, a colorful rug, a unique chair, dresser, nightstand and lamp, along with some other unique elements.

Modern Desert-inspired bedroom inspo

What I love about the Hutch app is that you literally get to play around with name brand furniture and decor, and then you can buy it directly through the links provided in the design tool.  They make it super easy and fun!


Shop This Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

I put together an easy shopping list which includes most of the items I used in my mid-century modern bedroom design project.  Some of the exact prints and the wall sconce weren’t available, so I found similar products.

California Dream Homes.

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