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Modern Bohemian Home Decor from Walmart

Photo: Walmart.com

Walmart has long been a store that I’ve always tried to avoid because, well, it’s Walmart.  They are known for those horrible videos of people walking around in trashy outfits doing trashy things – giving Walmart a trashy reputation.  Over the past few months, our Walmart opened up the grocery pick-up option and I have been flippin’ loving it.  I literally shop from my computer, drive to the store, and an employee loads the food into my car.  They’ve also just popped into my radar for having trendy modern bohemian home decor that I feel is worth a share (and a purchase).

When we think, “boho,” we can sometimes think, “dirty hippie.”  I tend to lean more towards the less cluttered look with my home and like the look of “modern bohemian” as I call it.  It’s a bit of a mix between mid-century modern and bohemian decor.  Think about bringing the outdoor elements inside to give your home an earthy feel.

Photo: Walmart.com via Safavieh

Flower by Drew Bohemian Home Decor Collection

Drew Barrymore just launched the #FlowerByDrew collaboration with Walmart brining us fresh, colorful, unique bohemian home decor and I am OB-SESSED.  The collection has everything from wall art to rugs to furniture, bedding, and so so so much more.  Price-wise, the pieces are similar to World Market, Target, or Wayfair prices, so fairly reasonable for most of it.

The Walmart website is a little tricky to navigate because of their many categories, but if you go to departments > home, furniture, and appliances > scroll down to SHOP BY STYLE > Boho, you’ll find so much good stuff.

Photo: Walmart.com

Photo: Walmart.com

The Flower by Drew collection preaches about being authentic, being yourself, and making your home personal.  I am all about that message and I love that Walmart is stepping it up with their home decor.

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