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Stylish Touring Tips for the American South

The American South is full of history and activities that draw travelers from far and wide. Cities such as Atlanta, Georgia, have an active events calendar between May and August, such as the Atlanta Jazz Festival and the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. Nearby Marietta offers visitors places to stay while they explore the city’s rich history through self-guided walking tours. The American South also gives hikers an array of trails to discover, including the 61-mile Silver Comet Trail that takes hikers to the Georgia-Alabama state line. 

Whether you are planning a short walking tour or a weekend-long hike, take note of the following tips for stylish touring.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

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Many tours require both standing and walking for long periods of time, and most do not offer places to sit. Comfortable shoes are a must when exploring the American South. 

Pack shoes that fit well and can be adjusted easily. If possible, pick shoes that have sturdy, cushioned soles and are waterproof. Wear hiking shoes if you plan on doing much walking on natural trails. Keep the flats, flip-flops, and heels for days when you are not walking for hours at a time.


Dress in Layers

Layers are key when spending a day outdoors in the South. You may want to wear several top layers, including a short-sleeve shirt, lightweight long-sleeve shirt, and windbreaker or light jacket at the beginning of your day.  

When buying a jacket, try to pick one that is made of waterproof material such as polypropylene or lightweight wool. This choice will keep your other layers dry in case of rain. Try to pick shirts that are waterproof as well. Cotton shirts may be comfortable, but once they get wet, they do not dry quickly, which can make the rest of your day soggy and uncomfortable.

When choosing which bottoms to wear, plan for what types of places you may be visiting. Some religious sites, such as mosques or churches, require visitors to wear long pants. You may also want to wear pants that are sweat resistant to avoid chaffing.

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Choose Accessories Carefully 

Certain accessories are a must when planning outdoor tours and hiking. Next to a light jacket, you may want to bring a small umbrella, hat, or visor to shield you from both rain and sun. When buying a hat, pick one that has a brim that goes around your head to protect the front and back of your neck from the sun’s rays. Sunscreen is also essential when spending hours outside, especially during the summer months.

Also bring a bottle or two of water and a snack to keep yourself hydrated and your energy up during long hikes and tours. Make sure you have a bag or day pack big enough to carry the essentials — including your wallet, ID, and camera — but not too big that it becomes cumbersome. Always check for bag restrictions beforehand. Try to limit perfumes and scents when taking part in group tours since others may be sensitive to these fragrances.

Finally, always check the weather before heading outdoors, even if only for a few hours. Coordinating your wardrobe with the weather forecast is one way to make sure that your trip to the American South is both memorable and comfortable.


  1. I love the layered look and you’re so right about choosing your accessories wisely! They can make or break an outfit!

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