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Foster Grant Shades of Summer

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Foster Grant. Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm a huge sunglasses fanatic so when I had the opportunity to give some Foster Grant shades a try, I jumped on it.  They sent me four pairs of trendy sunnies in various lens shades and shapes, and I had so much fun trying them all out.  I grabbed an iced coffee and went down to our local main ... Read the Post

Shop my Closet on Poshmark

As a blogger who is constantly posting pictures of myself and my kids on Instagram, you can imagine how wearing the same outfits over and over again can get annoying.  Since I'm not a capsule wardrobe type of girl (although I have seriously considered it), I like to sell my gently used clothes on Poshmark. Poshmark is a site for buying and selling new and used clothing, accessories, beauty ... Read the Post

My Summer Vacation Must-Haves

Whether I'm planning a summer vacation to somewhere warm and tropical or even somewhere with cooler weather, my #1 must-have (aside from a cute pair of sunnies) is a good deodorant.  Traveling can get a little stressful, so I like to use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant just once for all-day strong wetness protection. It comes in various sizes, but I like the smaller size because ... Read the Post

Packing for Puerto Vallarta

It's officially almost Puerto Vallarta vacation time for me which means I'm a bit of a stress case over here.  I absolutely hate packing because I always have that fear of forgetting something, but my Stitch Fix stylist provided some major help and made packing for Puerto Vallarta so easier for me.   Outfit Cards I get regular Stitch Fix deliveries sent to my house every 2-3 weeks ... Read the Post

Zappos x Dansko

If you caught my Instagram post today, you probably noticed these gorgeous Octavia heels from Dansko.  In that post I talked about how style is all about embracing your individuality and not being afraid to step away from the norm.  This outfit was out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I ventured away from my norm.   Zappos x Dansko Founded by a wife-and-husband team and based in the ... Read the Post

May Flowers + June Plans

Can you believe it's already June?  I'm a little in shock over here because this means I only have 11 more days to shop and pack for my Puerto Vallarta vacation.  [insert freak out emoji face] I feel like I got a lot accomplished in May in the way of work, though.  My photographer and I got a lot of outfit shoots done, I wrote a few bigger blog post drafts, my house is feeling ready for summer, ... Read the Post

My Secret Garden Photoshoot (a behind-the-scenes look)

Happy Saturday! Part of my blogging process is getting the right photos of the outfits or products I'm featuring, and that takes a weekly photoshoot with my amazing photographer, Kimberly Sha (view her website here).  During our most recent photoshoot to capture some of my Stitch Fix outfits, my husband (@aaroncasados) captured some video footage that gives a little glimpse at the ... Read the Post

Is Mushroom Brown Trending?

Happy Wednesday! I just saw a post on Pinterest saying that mushroom brown hair is trending for 2018.  The thought of that color sounds disgusting, but various shades of "mushroom" have been popular for quite some time, not only with hair, but in fashion as well.  We've just called it brown before this year. In fact, in my most recent Stitch Fix box I received a "mushroom brown" v-neck tee ... Read the Post

White Skinny Jeans + Margaritas

Last weekend we got together with friends and family to celebrate a little cutie's 1st birthday.  It was a Dragons Love Tacos party compete with margaritas and tacos, a maraca decorating station, an awesome bounce house and great music. The first thing I did, knowing that this was a taco-themed party, was search Pinterest for white jeans outfits that had a little Mexican flare to get a little ... Read the Post