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5 Healthy But Trendy Decor Ideas to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Do you love nature and the outdoors? Most people find that being outdoors lifts their mood, brightens their spirits, and helps them feel healthier and more connected to the world around them. Unfortunately, we can’t always be outdoors as much we’d like. Bad weather, work, and chores often keep us inside when we’d rather be exploring nature.

You can use these fun tips to help your home and office feel more connected to nature. 

Decorate with Houseplants

Decorating with Natural Plants (trending plants)

Potted plants can make your home feel like a tropical paradise. They also improve your indoor air quality by giving off moisture and oxygen, and they even filter impurities from the air. Too many small plants can make your home feel cluttered, so it’s better to incorporate a few large plants into your decor. While a large potted cactus may seem expensive compared to a small plant, it will give you a lot more bang for your buck.

Most people who have trouble with plants are overwatering, so try watering only once a week and dampening but not soaking the soil. Clay pots have a natural appeal and allow the soil to drain, but plastic will keep moisture in longer.  You can wrap a plastic pot in fabric or twine to dress it up a bit.

Let the Sunshine In

Bedroom Aceent Wall, natural lighting, reading corner

Natural light can help people feel happier, healthier, more awake, and more productive. Sunlight has been proven to improve our lives in myriad ways. Natural light can help students do better in school, help children’s eye development, improve insomnia, speed healing after surgery, and prevent some forms of depression. Window coverings such as sheer curtains, blinds, or shutters can offer privacy when you need it and protect your rooms from the heat of the afternoon sun without blocking any more light than necessary.

Use Artificial Light Well

Learning more about the different kinds of artificial light available will help you improve your indoor living immensely. You can supplement the sunlight in your home with full-spectrum or daylight bulbs that bring the feeling of sunlight into dark corners or poorly lit rooms. You can even install UV lights in your HVAC system to prevent mold growth and kill germs as the air circulates. 

Decorating with Natural Elements like Wood and plants

Use Natural Materials

Wood floors, sisal mats, bamboo shelving, and other natural materials can help your indoor spaces feel more connected to the outdoor world. Look for ways to use natural touches in your furnishings, especially large surfaces like throw rugs, room dividers, window coverings, and tables. Lamp shades and throw pillows are a good place to use whimsical patterns that incorporate flowers, leaves, or animal motifs.

Bring in Fresh Flowers

Decorating with fresh flowers from your yard.

Even an inexpensive bouquet of daisies from the grocery store can bring a room to life. Flowers bring color, life, and energy into a space, and many varieties offer scent as well. Put cut flowers as close to the middle of the room as possible, and top them off with fresh water daily to keep them fresh longer.

Bringing the outdoors into your home or office will help you enjoy some aspects of nature even when you’re too busy to garden, hike, or explore. Even a few natural touches can be uplifting when done well.


  1. Great ideas! I kill all the plants 🙁 so I usually have to go with fake ones that aren’t as nice. I have never heard about putting UV lights IN the HVAC system – I may have to try that for allergies! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I REALLY want a house plant, but I don’t have a green thumb at all! I’m hoping I can find a plant that barely needs water…like never…and can survive. I’ve “killed” succulents and they are never supposed to die..smh, LOL. I am going to keep trying!

  3. I love the idea of house plants and fresh flowers. My fiancee and I are building our first home right now, and those are definitely two things I want to include when decorating!

  4. These are great, I am planning to add house plants and thinking of adding more artificial light since the one window I have is not doing it justice.

  5. I love this post! Such pretty aesthetic photos that are super inspiring to me! I love adding flowers and greenery and lots of great lighting!

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