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DIY Valentine’s Craft for Kids – Let Love Grow Succulent Heart Flower Pot

As the class room mom, I try my hardest to come up with unique craft ideas for my daughter’s Kindergarten class.  After browsing around on Pinterest for Valentine’s day craft ideas for weeks, I wasn’t able to come up with anything, but the theme “Let Love Grow” was stuck in my head.

For class parties, I ask each parent to donate a minimum of $3 per kid to cover the cost of the edible craft and the art craft.  We typically decorate a cookie or cupcake for the edible craft, which also serves as their food for snack time.  Since we had $30 left over from our last party, we decided not to charge for this year’s Valentine’s party.

Intending on keeping the Valentine’s day craft as cheap as possible, I went down to my local Dollar Tree and found these tiny clay pots, 3/$1.  I also found a large $1 pack of potting soil, glitter foam stickers and hearts on a stick.  My only struggle was finding flowers or succulents in the $1 range.

I remembered that one of my neighbors creates succulent arrangements to sell at local street fairs, so I asked her if she had 27 tiny succulents that I could buy from her in the $1 range.  She absolutely came through with tons of beautiful succulents.

How To

The directions for this “Let Love Grow” succulent heart flower pot Valentine’s day craft are pretty easy.  Fill your decorated flower pot with potting soil, place your succulent in the dirt, sprinkle with water, add your heart stick and you’re done!  This is a very simple craft for Kindergarteners that can even be gifted to the parents!

Have fun!  And don’t forget to pin this post!


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